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Data Autore Titolo
5-01-2022 Valdo Spini Un laburista cristiano
5-01-2022 Axel Weipert When the German Left United to Expropriate the Princes
9-01-2022 Nick French Class Struggle Built the Swedish Welfare State
Swedish social democracy produced one of the most humane societies in history. That wouldn’t have happened without a militant labor movement and a working-class political party.
11-01-2022 Fabien Escalona French Socialism Embraced Neoliberalism and Signed Its Death Warrant
In the 1980s, François Mitterrand brought the French Socialists to power. A generation later, they’re in danger of extinction — and they brought it upon themselves.
13-01-2022 Neal Meyer Socialists Believe in Workers Liberating Themselves
That workers must liberate themselves rather than rely on top-down liberation is one of the few rules for socialist organizing that Marx and Engels ever laid down. It’s nonnegotiable: socialists believe in workers freeing themselves through class struggle.
16-01-2022 Matt McManus The Socialist Politics and Theology of Paul Tillich
Paul Tillich was perhaps the most towering Christian theologian of the 20th century. His religious thought is well remembered today — but his resolutely socialist thinking and agitating is not.