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Data Autore Titolo
5-01-2022 Valdo Spini Un laburista cristiano
5-01-2022 Axel Weipert When the German Left United to Expropriate the Princes
9-01-2022 Nick French Class Struggle Built the Swedish Welfare State
Swedish social democracy produced one of the most humane societies in history. That wouldn’t have happened without a militant labor movement and a working-class political party.
11-01-2022 Fabien Escalona French Socialism Embraced Neoliberalism and Signed Its Death Warrant
In the 1980s, François Mitterrand brought the French Socialists to power. A generation later, they’re in danger of extinction — and they brought it upon themselves.
13-01-2022 Neal Meyer Socialists Believe in Workers Liberating Themselves
That workers must liberate themselves rather than rely on top-down liberation is one of the few rules for socialist organizing that Marx and Engels ever laid down. It’s nonnegotiable: socialists believe in workers freeing themselves through class struggle.
16-01-2022 Matt McManus The Socialist Politics and Theology of Paul Tillich
Paul Tillich was perhaps the most towering Christian theologian of the 20th century. His religious thought is well remembered today — but his resolutely socialist thinking and agitating is not.
22-01-2022 Carlo Troilo A proposito di Aldo Aniasi, il sindaco riformista di Milano
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15-12-2021 Presentazione dell’archivio storico digitale di Mondoperaio
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24-01-2022 Giovanni Scirocco Mondoperaio: la rivista del socialismo italiano
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05-02-2022 Giovambattista Vaccaro L’eredità di Rosa Luxemburg
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7-02-2022 Giovanni Di Benedetto La primavera che viene. Attualità di Rosa Luxemburg
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19-02-2022 Francesco Garibaldo Marx, il capitalismo e i compiti politici del presente
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20-02-2022 Fernando D'Aniello Marx in mostra a Berlino
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21-02-2022 Pasquale Hamel Enrico La Loggia, un liberal-socialista dallo sguardo lungo 1872/1960
22-02-2022 Valerio Evangelisti La Comune del 1871: vitalità di un esperimento
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23-02-2022 Franco Toscani Socialismo e rivoluzione in Rosa Luxemburg di Franco Toscani
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7-03-2021 Il contributo di Carlo Tognoli alla politica milanese
Convegno - Organizzatore: Fondazione Anna Kuliscioff
12-03-2021 Presentazione del libro di Tullio Monti «Percorsi laici. Appunti, discorsi e pensieri sulla laicità e sui diritti civili» (Officine Editoriali da Cleto)
Dibattito - Organizzatori: Circolo Carlo Rosselli di Milano, Libreria Claudiana di Milano
14-02-2022 Friedrich Engels Mourning Marx
Karl Marx died on this day in 1883. At his graveside, his lifelong friend and comrade Friedrich Engels predicted that Marx's work would endure through the ages.
14-02-2022 Richard Burgon Tony Benn’s Lessons for the Left
Veteran socialist MP Tony Benn passed away eight years ago today. From democratising the economy to campaigning for peace, the causes he fought for are as relevant as ever.
14-03-2022 Alain Bergounioux, Gilles Candar, Frédéric Cépède, Rémy Pech, Lionel Jospin Toulouse 1908. Le congrès pour l’unité socialiste
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15-03-2022 Vincent Duclert Jaurès, icône pacifiste ou penseur de la guerre ?
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17-03-2022 Eugene Debs James Connolly’s Foul Murder
Happy St Patrick’s Day! Here’s a 1916 article by Eugene Debs denouncing the British government for executing Irish socialist James Connolly and calling for a revolution to "sweep landlordism and capitalism and oppression from the Emerald Isle."
Commemorazione di Filippo Turati a 90 dalla morte
Manifestazione a Milano - Organizzatori: Comune di Milano, Fondazione Anna Kuliscioff
10-04-2022 Ben Burgis If You Want to Understand Marxism, Read G. A. Cohen
Socialist philosopher G. A. Cohen was a brilliant thinker who subjected Marxism to the same scrutiny he would any other ideology. If you want to see Marxism at its most nondogmatic and precise, you should read G. A. Cohen.
16-04-2022 Ben Burgis G. A. Cohen Showed Why We Should All Be Socialists
Right before he died, Marxist philosopher G. A. Cohen wrote a short book called Why Not Socialism? It’s a perfect introduction to the case for moving beyond a capitalist economy.
19-04-2022 Owen Hatherley Rosa Luxemburg and the International of Letters
A new book inspired by Rosa Luxemburg's famous letters shows how dialogue can happen across a diverse and often divided international Left.
1-05-2022 Eugene Debs Eugene Debs’s May Day Address to Black Workers
In 1923, Eugene V. Debs wrote a powerful May Day address for the black socialist magazine the Messenger that called for “the emancipation of all races from the oppressive and degrading yoke of wage slavery.” We republish it here in full, for the first time since it appeared 100 years ago.
1-05-2022 Paul Heideman The Life of Socialist George Woodbey Must Not Be Lost to History
This May Day, we’re celebrating the life of George Woodbey, a former slave who became a leading socialist. Though he’s often forgotten today, Woodbey’s life speaks to the crucial connection between labor struggles and fights against racial oppression.
5-05-2022 Pierluigi Sullo Maria Giudice
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7-05-2022 David Bidussa Rosa Luxemburg descritta da Hannah Arendt. E viceversa
9-05-2022 Gary Dorrien Democratic Socialism in the USA: History, Politics, Religion, and Theory
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